New Hampshire Indoor Games Coming Up!

On April 9, I will attend the New Hampshire Indoor Games in Nashua, NH as a vendor. This is always a fun experience, because I get a chance to catch up with people I may not have seen since last fall at Loon Mountain. I have many friends among the pipers and dance moms, so I enjoy the oportunity to chat with friends, and have a fun day, but it’s also business, because I am there to take orders and measure people for kilts. What usually happens is that I JUST get the orders under control (maybe 5 kilts waiting for me) and then I go to another event as a vendor. Overnight the work load may double, and I’m on the phone the following Monday ordering fabric and such.

This year Frank is coming with me, to help out and show how tartan is woven. He will be bringing the loom to the games, and demonstrating how he makes tartan cloth. With any luck at all I will have his kilt done, so he’ll have something smart-looking to wear.

So, if you are reading my blog, and you are planning on coming to the games, PLEASE come over and say hello–I love to meet folks who are interested in kilts, and it’s nice to know who’s reading what I write, and what they think of it.