Here We Go Again

It’s coming-the giant snowstorm is making its way toward Keene, and we are getting ready to hunker down for at least 36 hours. I’m all set–I have my work all cut out for me (literally) and sitting on the table downstairs. In the usual way of the news media (Snowmageddon?) they want me to BE AFRAID, BE VERY AFRAID of what will happen if I a) venture out on unplowed roads b) don’t go to the grocery store for bread and milk. My plans include finishing at least one kilt tomorrow, and laying out another one in addition to getting my stuff ready for the trip to King of Prussia, PA.

One interesting aside-the phrase “having your work all cut out for you” comes from the times before the sewing machine and mass-produced clothing, when seamstresses would take work home from a manufacturer. The shirts, dresses, etc, would all be cut out, and the pieces placed in a pile ready to be sewn.

My prediction has come true–four customers called in the past four days, wanting new kilts for their growing children. So now my list is lengthening. That’s OK, as long as no one wants anything with a really tight time frame. By next weekend, I will have work until May, and come up for air just in time for Kilt Camp.

Anyone reading this blog should Google the Braemar Summer School of Highland Dance and Kiltmaking. This is the one-week course that I teach in June, and it is a real blast. We have tons of fun every year, and students learn all about kiltmaking. They go home with a (mostly) finished kilt, make new friends, and generally have a good time socially.

This year there is a possibility that we will have an expanded Kiltmaking class with two teachers. The reason for this is that people who register later rather than sooner are told that the class is already full(it has been every year), and also that we have a number of people who come year after year, and I would like to get into more advanced techniques that are hard to get to when you have 12 students who all need help at the same time. So, I’m hoping that this will happen, and that there will be lots of kiltmakers.

As an advance warning, the kiltmakers usually plan to take part in the Talent Show at Kilt Camp, which is held every year. Dancers show some of their amazing talents, and the kiltmakers have done things as well. Last year we informally agreed to have a KILT FASHION SHOW this year, so we are asking people to bring (or make) an unusual, funny, or innovative kilt to camp. We were inspired by Teri, who made a kilt last year out of fabric with lobsters on it. This has some real possibilities, so start planning!

That’s all for now– I have to go out and start shoveling.