Winter Wonderland?

I have been meaning to write for about two weeks, and have been tied up with all kinds of things. We had Christmas a bit late with part of the family and their visit the 13th-17th was fantastic, despite the snowy weather. We have our share of snow on the ground right now, and are expecting more in the next two days. This is great for my sewing ( I have used the snow days to get caught up) but bad for kilt camp. If we have too many snow days, I will not get out of school until perhaps the day before Kilt Camp. This makes it very stressful.

People are calling now- this is my busy season-making appointments to be measured, and planning what their kids are going to be wearing for the competition season. I have already put a number of orders in the book, and I expect to be busy until Kilt Camp. For those of you with children who dance, I will be attending the Marguerite Reid Memorial Workshop in King of Prussia, PA February 4-6. I hope to see you there, and please let me know if you are reading my blog!

I have just finished a kilt for a young man who is pretty substantial– a 56 in. waist. This was a 9 yard kilt, and I thought that I would never get to the last pleat. He will look great, though, and I am hoping to get pictures of him wearing the kilt at his wedding this spring.

Stay warm, and post comments so that I know that you’re reading!