September Sewing– next question, please

September is proving to be really busy. If school wasn’t enough, we have a wedding approaching on the 25th, the NH Highland Games on the 18th-19th, and lots of other activities. Then I’ve had a surge in enquiries about kilts, so I am getting busy. Normally the fall is quiet, and then right around Christmas the phone starts to ring. By January 10, all of the dance moms have realized that there’s no way that last year’s outfit is going to fit, and they start calling in a panic. Here’s how the conversation goes:

Dance Mom: I can’t believe it! (dancer’s name here) has had a growth spurt and she can’t even buckle her kilt, not to mention that it’s WAY above her knees. She’s competing in February. Can you help me?

Judy: Well, I can get the kilt done IF Dalgliesh has the tartan in stock, but you’d better get on the phone with the people who make the socks ASAP. That may take longer than the kilt.

Dance Mom: My daughter wants purple, but her teacher says red would be better. What do you think?

Judy: I would never even consider a tartan without running it by her instructor. Every dance teacher has specific ideas on how they want their dancers to look. You should ask her before you tell me what you want.

Dance Mom: Will we get 2 years out of this one?

Judy: I will try to plan it so that we can make it work for two years, but after that, anything that you get is gravy.

Dance Mom: She needs a vest too.
Judy: Let me give you the name of someone who can do that for you.

Dance Mom: She needs an Aboyne too. Can you do that?

Judy: I can– does she want a white dress or the skirt and vest?

It goes on from there–I certainly don’t mind–I actually enjoy talking to people from across the country, and finding out how their kids are doing at dancing. Over the years I have gotten to know many dance teachers, and lots of dance moms and their daughters. I see them at all of the competitions, and they are all really nice folks. As I said before, I am fortunate to be able to work for such pleasant people doing something that I enjoy.

I need to get back to work. There is a pile of Dress Green Drummond of Perth looking at me– I need to make it into something by next Friday.

Happy sewing!