This has been quite a week so far. Patti and I set out from NH in the Kiltmobile (my Element KILTMKR) and made it to St. Catherines, ONT the first day, with only one hitch- the car took a rock in the windshield that I was certain would land right in my face, and now it has a nice crack. it is OK to drive until we get home, but that was nerve wracking.

The USIR is the US championship of Highland dancing, and the competitors qualify by competing at the regional level and placing first, second or third in that championship. Then they get to go to the Big Dance at USIRs. These girls and boys are athletes in the truest sense– they are all extremely fit, because Highland Dance is VERY aerobic, and they are dedicated, because it takes years of training to develop the strength and skill to perform all of the dance steps in the four Highland dances that comprise the championship.

I have a number of dancers competing here that I dressed–it’s great to see “my” children out there in something that I made for them. Lots of people never realize that the outfits are all made to measure, and meticulously fitted so that the dancer’s body lines are revealed, but they can still move. Working with the velvet jackets is an art in itself.

Talking with my customers and finally putting faces to all of the emails and phone communications has been a real thrill. I hope to be able to come again.