Question #1- How Much Will it Cost?

Hi all, and thanks for reading. Today’s question is one that I answer over and over, but it’s an important one, because a kilt definitely comes under the heading of “Investment Clothing”. If you check the page to the right that contains my current price list, you will quickly see that a made-to-measure kilt will run $400-$600 depending on the size of the wearer and the type of tartan desired. Heavier weight tartan, a rare tartan, or, exceptional cases, a special weave all increase the total cost of a kilt.

Luckily for the parents of Highland dancers, dress tartan in the 11 oz. weight is not quite as expensive as the heavier 13oz. and 16 oz. types worn by pipers and men. This type of kilt generally costs $400-450 depending on the amount of fabric required. Contrary to what many people believe, there is no difference in the construction between a dancer’s kilt and any other kilt that I might make.

A man’s kilt will generally fall into the $500-$600 range, depending on the weight and type of tartan desired. Strome tartan, made by Lochcarron, and K1 made by D. C. Dalgliesh are both 16 oz. tartans that make beautiful men’s kilts. Some men and women prefer the medium weight 13 oz. tartan, which also makes a beautiful kilt that will hold a good press. The 13 oz. kilts generally fall into the $480-$550 range.

If the idea of spending this amount of money on a kilt makes you uncomfortable, consider these small pieces of information:

If well taken care of, the kilt should last at least 20 years. I have altered and refurbished a number of kilts much older than this, and they can usually be made to look almost new again with repressing and new linings.

A properly made kilt can be altered if you gain or lose weight (within reason).

A kilt made for a younger dancer who may outgrow it can normally be sold for 1/2 to 2/3 of its original cost if it is in good condition, so the net cost of a new kilt for a growing dancer is actually lower than you might think.

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